Mini Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes 

My sister and I got talking about meatloaf last weekend and I realized I had never made it before. Ever since that convo I’ve been dreaming of these so I had to share the dream with my taste buds.


Meatloaf :

  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1/2 lb ground sausage
  • 1 cup bread crumbs
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/4 tsp Worschestire
  • 1/2 onion, finely diced
  • 1 egg
  • 2 leaves fresh basil, chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 2 splashes Worschestire
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Dash garlic powder


  • Fresh basil
  • Freshly shredded Parmesan


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Start your potatoes now as well. The timing works out perfectly as the meatloaf takes about 20 minutes to cook. See bottom of page for how I make mashed potatoes. I am not including a full recipe for them because they are so basic I don’t even know measurements.

Combine all meatloaf ingredients in a large bowl. Mix up with hands until it binds together and then portion into a greased muffin tin. My recipe only made nine meatloaf muffins. Place in oven and set a timer for 15 minutes.

Combine sauce ingredients in a separate bowl. When timer goes off top each meatloaf with a spoonful of the sauce and return to oven for five more minutes. Check temperature with a thermometer to ensure they are fully cooked.

Place spoonful of mashed potatoes on meatloaf and garnish with fresh basil and Parmesan.
[ mashed potatoes: I never measure my ingredients but here’s a quick rundown of how I make them. Rinse potatoes and dice, skin on, cover with cold water and bring to a boil until potatoes are tender. Drain and return to pot. Add splash of milk, salt and butter and mash with hand masher. Add butter, salt and milk to your liking. Remember, you can always add more but you can never remove so just do little by little.]

I hope your taste buds are happy!

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