Best Fish Taco – Columbus, OH

Cuisine: Mexican/Tacos

Location: Columbus, OH

Rating: DUHlicious

I don’t know about you but I consider tacos to be in their own food group. There are so many delicious ingredients that you can roll up in a tortilla shell, the possibilities go on and on!

I don’t have a favorite taco spot in Columbus, OH, I don’t think I could ever choose just one. Depending on what your taste buds are craving on a given day, you can choose a taco spot accordingly. For a perfect fish taco I recommend you check out Local Cantina in Columbus, OH.

I moved here almost three years ago and in my first few months I found this new taco place that had just opened – it was love at first taste. Since then, I have brought almost every visitor to Local Cantina and forced them to eat the fish taco. I’m pretty sure my dad gets more excited for the fish tacos than he does to see me when he visits Columbus. I understand because how could you not!

Until this week I had only been to the Grandview location, which is the original, but after visiting the new Brewery District location, I want to try them all. There are now four different locations spread all over Columbus.

The first thing I love about Local Cantina is the chip and salsa set-up. They have a serve yourself chips and salsa bar in each location. (I never feel bad about scarfing down chips when I know I don’t have to ask the server for more). Now listen closely, you must do as I say.

The first step to visiting this restaraunt is to get your chips and begin the scarfing. When your server comes over to take your drink order make sure to get an order of the queso fundido. (This is a requirement!)  All of this pairs well with a margarita, duh!, but if you’re not feeling a marg they offer tons of local draft and canned craft beers.

I can easily get full on just the chips so once I get my drink and queso I typically order a fish taco. Their fish tacos have a good sized piece of fried fish and this amazing jalapeño slaw topped with some sort of amazing sauce, served with a lime wedge. Most days I end up ordering more but I like my tacos to be hot so once I eat my first taco I decide if I want another fish taco or to try others. Plus I’m indecisive so this gives me time to make a decision. I’ve probably tried most of their menu but I just can’t get enough of these fish tacos. At this point in your visit you’re probably getting full so just sit back, relax and sip on some more drinks.
The beauty of going to Local Cantina is the value you’re getting for a low price! I’ve never been shocked by the bill – The queso is $5, their house marg is $5, tacos are about $3 each and chips are free! How could you not love it.

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